About Our Ministry


Named for a Thai word meaning ideal feminine beauty, Narimon was designed to serve The Well Entrepreneurs. The Well Entrepreneurs are a group of women that we have rescued from the Thai sex industry, and who we've taught a trade (jewelry or fabrics). This site provides a way for those women to sell their finished hand-made jewelry and fabric goods. In doing so, they have an ethical and practical means to sustain themselves and their families.

Narimon has two main channels for selling The Well Entrepreneurs’ products:

1. This online web store. 
2. Hosted home parties

The online web-store is pretty self-explanatory, but individuals can also help by hosting a home party. Party hosts receive a box of mixed jewelry that they can offer up for purchase at their very own home party. This is a more personal way to support the Thai women because each party host really becomes an advocate for the women. Click here if you’re interested in hosting a Narimon party

Our home parties are anything but your typical home sale party. One woman put it this way:

"I have a personal policy to not attend home sales parties. But I will host one for Narimon."   

Your Support Makes A Real Difference!

It can be frustrating to learn of needs far away but not be able to actually lend a hand from a distance. Narimon provides just that: a hands-on way for people to help folks across the world in a concrete way that is truly effective. The flexible work opportunities that The Well, Thailand provides do much more than provide income. Women are able to parent their children, rather than sending them away with relatives. Their children are growing up with stability and staying in school. Women are connected in healing communities, learning together not only about work and business skills but about living life, including serving others. 

Every Narimon product that you buy features a tag that includes the name and age of the person who made it. Each tag represents not just one radically changed life but several, as family members (including husbands) and children are affected. Husbands have been transformed into family men. Boys and girls are growing up to be responsible leaders who are finishing school and attending college. 

If you'd like to support the efforts of Narimon, and aren't interested in buying a piece of jewelry, we do encourage you check out our donation page where you can do just that!