About Us

Many Thai women get trapped in a never-ending cycle of sex industry dependency  because it provides a reliable income for them. Every hand-made product you buy from Narimon is going to support a woman in Thailand who is trying to escape the sex industry by starting her own business.

Narimon is in and of itself a ministry of The Well, Thailand. The Well is an organization that aims to rescue women from the sex trade, end dangerous societal patterns that hold them and their families back, and empower them to become everything God wants them to be. After we rescue the women from the sex industry, they are trained at The Well in a trade of their choosing. Their choices are currently: jewelry-making or sewing. 

With the Well's assistance, they can then go on to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs by utilizing their new trade skills. Narimon was created to provide connections between The Well entrepreneurs and people willing to support their new life in Christ. Your purchases have the potential to create real change in Thailand, and in turn impact the lives of the women and families who have been devastated by the country's sex industry.

What are other ways I can help? 

We provide multiple ways that you can come alongside these women besides purchasing products through the Narimon site. After reading what we are about, some individuals decide that they want to become advocates for the Thai women. They do this by sharing the role Narimon has in these women's lives with others, and then they offer jewelry for purchase at their very own home party. If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, then please consider reading more information about hosting your own Narimon party here.

Some individuals may not really be into buying jewelry, or have the time to be an advocate. However, they still might want to support what we do. For that reason, we created a donation page, so that these people can still give directly to Narimon. No gift is too small, and we encourage everyone to give whatever the Lord puts on their heart. You can give a gift to Narimon by clicking here.

The final way that you can support us, and in turn these rescued women, is by sharing our ministry with others. That might be a social media post with our website link or a face-to-face encounter with someone you know. Half the battle is trying to get the word out, and anything you can do to help us with that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and may God bless you!