About Us

We believe wholeness and healing can come from loving connection.

Our handmade products are created by women affected by Thailand’s sex industry. Many have traumatic stories: child abuse, broken families, violent partners, substance addiction. Our sister organization in Bangkok, The Well, is a holistic ministry intended to bring healing and transformation with programs ranging from trauma recovery to university aid.

At The Well, some women have the opportunity to create jewelry and fabric products on their path to healing and growth. Our parent organization in the U.S., Servantworks, created Narimon as a way to get their beautiful work to you.

We believe women who love can be powerful, transformative leaders, whether they lead their children, their society, or both.

Our hope is that with support and hope, women will take love into their families and communities to end cycles of abuse.

Narimon creators are connected in healing communities, learning together not only about production, marketing, and management, but also about healthy spiritual and emotional growth. We provide support for children so families stay whole. 

The dream is that someday these women will start their own businesses, change laws, develop treatments, lead churches—and teach their families to do the same.

Narimon provides family-friendly work

We believe transformation can happen beyond Thailand.

Every Narimon piece has the name of its creator on the tag because connection and story are powerful forces. We hope you remember our names and story as you build beauty in your own context – we'd like to hear about that, by the way.

And if you’d like to build beauty with us, we’d love that. Online sales are managed by volunteers, and in-person sales at events in homes and churches. We’ll send you a box of items to share with your friends and some simple ways to share our stories. Send us a message to get started.