About Us

Narimon is a social enterprise under Servantworks, selling products handmade by women and girls in Servantworks Thailand ministries including The Well, Breakthrough and Naree Sewing (click here for an overview). These women once were either forced to sell their dignity, or by their situation were at high risk to do so. Now they are able to lead normal lives, doing healthy, family-friendly work. 

Servantworks is a U.S. non-profit that sponsors ministries that seek to model the life and teachings of Jesus. A value for all Servantworks ministries, including Narimon, is Jesus' elevation of women, which was particularly striking in a time and culture where women were generally far beneath men in status. 

In the U.S., most Narimon sales happen through a network of committed volunteers who host sale events in homes, churches etc. These women and men work for no compensation, even in kind, motivated only by a desire to love women and children in need, following Jesus' example.
The Thai ministries that supply Narimon products are also intent on following the values and priorities of Jesus, and are staffed by caring, committed expat and Thai workers. These ministries are not only concerned about the cause of addressing the Thai sex industry, but in changing lives, families and communities at their roots. 
For a more complete list of core values that we derive from the life and teachings of Jesus, go here
Narimon provides family-friendly work

You Can Help

It can be frustrating to learn of needs far away but not be able to actually lend a hand from a distance. Narimon provides just that: a hands-on way for people to help folks across the world in a concrete way that is truly effective. The flexible work opportunities that Servantworks Thailand ministries provide do much more than provide income. Women are able to parent their children, rather than sending them away with relatives. Their children are growing up with stability and staying in school. Women are connected in healing communities, learning together not only about work and business skills but about living life, including serving others. 
Every Narimon product tag includes the name and age of the one who made it. Each tag represents not just one radically changed life but several, as family members (including husbands) and children are affected. Husbands have transformed into family men. Boys and girls are growing up to be responsible leaders, finishing school and attending university. 

"I have a personal policy to not attend home sales parties. But I will host one for Narimon."

This real quote demonstrates the enthusiasm that many feel about Narimon. Servantworks only has three full-time paid workers: one couple in Thailand (who simply share one income) and a U.S. director. Everyone else–distributors, party hosts, sales reps, stock and shipping helpers–is a volunteer. Many go beyond volunteering to donating funds or paying their own expenses. 
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