Crisis Pregnancies Saved by The Well Family

Three crisis pregnancies are at The Well right now. All women in their first trimester with precarious or broken relationships with unfaithful, abusive men. One tiny girl is only 18 with a 1 1/2 year-old son already. Her husband is only 16. So far all three are planning to carry their babies and potentially parent. The best part is that those most influential in each mother's decision has not been missionaries or professional staff, but her sisters at The Well. 

Our third core value, after quality and innovation, is family friendliness. So much of the Thai economy is based on labor migration that it tends to hasten the breakup of already fragile families. That's not even to mention the vast men's entertainment industry that completely perverts the normal means of men supporting women and children.

Indeed, we have been able to help some couples stay together and become healthy, and single moms to raise their own children instead of working to send money home to the kids living with grandma. But a wonderful side benefit has been showing up as more women are healed from past abuse, and have chosen to live in love following Jesus. For many, The Well is their new family.

We also know that we're making a long-term commitment with each. Women at The Well aren't paid nearly as much as they could make at the bars or dealing drugs, but they have a new family, are surrounded by people who love them and reach out to them, and have access to counsel and help with any kind of service that they need for themselves or their children. It's why we refer to Narimon products as Fair Trade Plus.